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Harley-Davidson FLH/FLT/FXR Evolution 1984-1998 Workshop Repair & Service Manual




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Complete service repair manual contains service, maintenance, and troubleshooting information for the Harley-Davidson 1340 FLH/FLT/FXR Evolution. Diagnostics and repair procedures are covered in great detail to repair, maintain, rebuild, refurbish or restore your bike like a professional mechanic in local service/repair workshop. This cost-effective quality manual is 100% complete and intact as should be without any missing pages. It is the same factory shop manual used by dealers that guaranteed to be fully functional to save your precious time.

This manual for 1984-1998 Harley-Davidson 1340 FLH/FLT/FXR Evolution is divided into different sections. Each section covers a specific component or system and, in addition to the standard service procedures, includes disassembling, inspecting, and assembling instructions. A table of contents is placed at the beginning of each section. Pages are easily found by category, and each page is expandable for great detail. It is in the cross-platform PDF document format so that it works like a charm on all kinds of devices. You do not need to be skilled with a computer to use the manual.

Models Covered:
FLHR Road King 1995-1998
FLHR-I Road King 1996-1997
FLHRC-I Road King 1998
FLHTC-I Electra Glide Classic 1996-1998
FLHTC-U Electra Glide Classic-Ultra & Anniversary 1989-1997
FLHTC-UI Electra Glide Classic-Ultra & Anniversary 1996-1998
FLTC Tour Glide 1984-1991
FLTC-U Tour Glide-Ultra Classic 1989-1995
FLTC-UI Tour Glide-Ultra Classic 1996
FLTR Road Glide 1998
FLTR-I Road Glide 1998
FXEF Fat Bob 1985
FXLR Low Rider, Custom & Anniversary 1987-1994
FXR Super Glide 1986-1994
FXR2 & FXR3* Super Glide (*Ltd edition 1999 Only) 1999
FXRD Super Glide Grand Touring 1986
FXRS Low Rider & Convertible 1984-1992
FXRS-Con Low Rider-Convertible 1991-1993
FXRS-SP Low Rider-Sport Edition 1988-1993
FXRT Sport Glide 1984-1992
FXSB Low Rider 1985
FXWG Wide Glide 1985-1986


Each repair manual provides step-by-step procedures based upon the complete disassembly of the machine. This hands-on experience combined with extensive research results in a manual that is both user-friendly and detailed. Hundreds of original photos and illustrations guide the reader through every job.

Inside Each Manual:

CHAPTER THREE / LUBRICATION, MAINTENANCE AND TUNE-UP Maintenance intervals / Engine oil / Control lever lubrication / Drive belt deflection and adjustment / Engine mounts and stabilizer / Tune-up / Engine rotation / Air filter / Compression test / Ignition timing / Valve clearance / Secondary camshaft chain tensioner / Spark plugs

CHAPTER FOUR / ENGINE TOP END AND EXHAUST SYSTEM Cylinder head covers / Camshafts and drive gear / Cylinder head / Valve tappets and shims / Valves and components

CHAPTER FIVE / ENGINE LOWER END Removal and installation / Oil pan and oil pickup strainer / Oil pump / Oil cooler / Oil filter mount / Crankcase / Piston and connecting rod / Piston and rings / Connecting rod / Balance shaft / Crankshaft / Break-in

CHAPTER SIX / CLUTCH AND EXTERNAL SHIFT MECHANISM External shift mechanism / Clutch cover / Clutch master cylinder / Clutch release cylinder / Hose replacement / Clutch flushing / Clutch bleeding

CHAPTER SEVEN / TRANSMISSION AND INTERNAL GEARSHIFT MECHANISM Bearing replacement / Output flange / Internal shift mechanism

CHAPTER EIGHT / FUEL AND EMISSION CONTROL SYSTEMS Air filter housing / Electronic fuel injection (EFI) / Depressurizing the system / Throttle body / Fuel rail and fuel injectors / Throttle and idle cables / Fuel tank / Fuel module (filters and fuel pump) / Fuel pressure test / Evaporative emission control system

CHAPTER NINE / ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Battery / Voltage regulator / Alternator rotor and stator / Ignition system / Starter / Solenoid / Relay / Lighting / Instrument cluster / Speedometer, tachometer and indicator panel / Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) / Turn signal module, turn signal security module and hands-free security module / Horn / Switches / Fuses / Handlebar wiring replacement / Wiring diagrams

CHAPTER TEN / COOLING SYSTEM Coolant pipes / Reserve tank / Radiator and oil cooler / Cooling fans / Oil cooler oil line fittings / Oil cooler / Thermostat and housing / Water pump

CHAPTER ELEVEN / WHEELS, TIRES AND DRIVE BELT Front and rear wheel / Hubs / Driven sprocket / Drive sprocket / Drive belt / Inspection / Wheel truing / Tire changing / Vehicle alignment

CHAPTER TWELVE / FRONT SUSPENSION AND STEERING Handlebar / Front fork / Fork lock / Steering head and stem / Steering head bearing races

CHAPTER THIRTEEN / REAR SUSPENSION Shock absorbers / Swing arm

CHAPTER FOURTEEN / BRAKES Front and rear brake pads / Front and rear brake caliper / Front and rear master cylinder / Brake line replacement / Brake disc / Brake bleeding / Brake pedal

CHAPTER FIFTEEN / BODY AND FRAME Rider seat / Passenger seat / Frame side covers / Air filter housing cover / Front fender / Rear fender / Drive belt and debris deflector covers / Radiator cover / Foot rests / Jiffy-stand / Windshield / Wind deflector


Whether you’re interested in routine maintenance tasks, troubleshooting, or more extensive repairs, the in-depth coverage provides indispensable information about your motorcycle.

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