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Mitsubishi Sigma 1989-1997 Factory Service & Shop Manual




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Complete workshop repair service manual with electrical wiring diagrams for Mitsubishi Sigma 1989-1997. It's the same service manual used by dealers that guaranteed to be fully functional and intact without any missing page.

Mitsubishi Sigma 1989-1997 service & repair manual (including maintenance, overhaul, disassembling & assembling, adjustment, tune-up, operation, inspecting, diagnostic & troubleshooting…) is divided into different sections. Each section covers a specific component or system with detailed illustrations. A table of contents is placed at the beginning of each section. Pages are easily found by category, and each page is expandable for great detail. The printer-ready PDF documents work like a charm on all kinds of devices.

BASIC BRAKE SYSTEM - On-vehicle Service

Connect a circuit tester to stop lamp switch terminals "a" and "b" and check whether or not there is continuity when the plunger of the stop lamp switch is pushed in and when it is released.
The stop lamp switch is in good condition if there is no continuity when the plunger is pushed in to a depth of within 4 mm from the outer case edge surface, and if there is continuity when it is released.
For simple checking of the brake booster operation, carry out the following tests:
1. Run the engine for one or two minutes, and then turn the engine off.
If the pedal depresses fully the first time but gradually becomes higher when depressed succeeding times, the booster is operating properly. If the pedal height remains unchanged, the booster is defective.
2. With the engine stopped, step on the brake pedal several times.
Then step on the brake pedal and start the engine.
If the pedal moves downward slightly, the booster is in good condition. If there is no change, the booster is defective.
3. With the engine running, step on the brake pedal and then stop the engine.
Hold the pedal depressed for 30 seconds. If the pedal height does not change, the booster is in good condition.
If the pedal rises, the booster is defective.
Brake booster performance is satisfactory if it passes all three operating tests.
If the brake booster does not pass all three tests, there may be a fault in the check valve, vacuum hose or in the booster itself.

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