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Perkins 3000-, 4000-, V8- Series Diesel Engines Factory Service & Shop Manual




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Complete workshop & service manual with electrical wiring diagrams for Perkins 3000-, 4000-, V8- Series Diesel Engines. It's the same service manual used by dealers that guaranteed to be fully functional and intact without any missing page.

These 3008 CV8, 3012 CV12, 4006 TG, 4006 TAG1, 4006 TAG2, 4006 TAG3, 4006 TEG, 4006TESI, 4006 TRS Gas, 4006-23 TRS Gas, 4006 TWG, 4006 TWG3, 4008 TAG, 4008 TAG1, 4008 TAG2, 4008-30 TRS, 4008 TRS Gas, 4008TWG, 4008 TWG2, 4012-46A, 4012 TAG, 4012 TAG1, 4012 TAG2, 4012 TEG, 4012 TEG2, 4012 TWG, 4012 TWG2, 4012 TESI, 4016 TESI, 4016 TAG, 4016 TAG1, 4016 TAG2, 4016 TEG, 4016 TEG2, 4016-61 TRG, 4016-61 TRS1, 4016-61 TRS2 Gas, 4016 TWG, 4016 TWG2, V8.510, V8.540, TV8.540, V8.640 service & repair manuals (including maintenance, overhaul, disassembling & assembling, adjustment, tune-up, operation, inspecting, diagnostic & troubleshooting…) is divided into different sections. Each section covers a specific component or system with detailed illustrations. A table of contents is placed at the beginning of each section. Pages are easily found by category, and each page is expandable for great detail. The printer-ready PDF documents work like a charm on all kinds of devices.

KENR6238 - Specifications (4006 TRS Gas & 4008 TRS Gas Industrial Engines).pdf
KENR6910 - Systems Operation_Testing & Adjusting (4006-23 TRS Gas & 4008-30 TRS Gas Industrial Engines).pdf
KENR6924 - Disassembly & Assembly (4012-46A Industrial Engine).pdf
KENR6929 - Specifications (4012-46A Industrial Engine).pdf
KENR6944 - Systems Operation_Testing & Adjusting (4012-46A Industrial Engine).pdf
KENR6945 - Disassembly & Assembly (4006 TRS Gas & 4008 TRS Gas Industrial Engines).pdf
KENR8760 - Specifications (4016-61TRS1 & 4016-61TRS2 Gas Engine).pdf
KENR8761 - Systems Operation_Testing & Adjusting (4016-61TRS1 & 4016-61TRS2 Gas Engine).pdf
KENR8762 - Disassembly & Assembly (4016-61TRS1 & 4016-61TRS2 Gas Engines).pdf
KENR9223 - Specifications (4016-61 TRG Industrial Engine).pdf
KENR9224 - Systems Operation_Testing & Adjusting (4016-61 TRG Industrial Engine).pdf
KENR9225 - Disassembly & Assembly (4016-61 TRG Industrial Engine).pdf
SEBU8190 - Operation & Maintenance Manual (4006 TRS Gas & 4008 TRS Gas Industrial Engines).pdf
SEBU8191 - Operation & Maintenance Manual (4012-46A Industrial Engine).pdf
SEBU8430 - Operation & Maintenance Manual (4016-61TRS1 & 4016-61TRS2 Gas Engines).pdf
SEBU8604 - Operation & Maintenance Manual (4016-61 TRG Industrial Engine).pdf
TPD1149E - Workshop Manual For V8.640 & TV8.640 Diesel Engines.pdf
TPD1196E - User's Handbook V8.640 Series (Models V8.640 & TV8.640).pdf
TPD1207E - User's Handbook V8.540 Series.pdf
TPD1215E - Workshop Manual for V8.510, V8.540 & TV8.540 Diesel Engines (for V8.510 engines, commencing engine No. 510U2000).pdf
TPD1508E - User’s Handbook (4000 Series Inline diesel engine).pdf
TPD1511E1 - Workshop Manual (4000 Series_4006-23 TAG1A, TAG2A & TAG3A Inline diesel engine (6 cylinder turbo charged diesel engine for electric power applications)).pdf
TSD3138E13 - User’s Handbook (3000 Series_3012-CV12 (12 cylinder diesel engines for industrial applications)).pdf
TSD3250E8 - User’s Handbook (3000 Series_All 3008 diesel models_3008_CV8 (8 cylinder diesel engines for industrial applications)).pdf
TSD3410E2 - User’s Handbook (3000 Series Model_3008SI (8 cylinder spark ignited engines for industrial applications).pdf
TSD3411E2 - User’s Handbook (3012 Gas Engines).pdf
TSD3420E3 - Workshop Manual (3000 Series_3012_CV12 (12 cylinder diesel engines for industrial applications)).pdf
TSD3430E2 - Workshop Manual (3000 Series_3008_CV8 (8 cylinder diesel engines for industrial applications)).pdf
TSL4075 - Service Manual (4006TG_4006TWG_4006TWG3_4006TAG1_4006TAG2_4006TAG3_4006TEG_4008TWG2_4008TAG_4008TAG1_4008TAG2).pdf
TSL4075E1 - Service Manual (4006TG_4006TWG_4006TWG3_4006TAG1_4006TAG2_4006TAG3_4006TEG_4008TWG_4008TWG2_4008TAG_4008TAG1_4008TAG2).pdf
TSL4078E1 - Workshop Manual (4000 Series Engines (4006TESI_4008TESI In-line Gas).pdf
TSL4165E1 - Service Manual (4012TWG_4012TWG2_4012TAG_4012TAG1_4012TAG2_4012TEG_4012TEG2_4016TWG_4016TWG2_4016TAG_4016TAG1_4016TAG2_4016TEG_4016TEG2).pdf
TSL4168E - Service Manual (4000 Series Engines (4012TESI, 4016TESI)).pdf

Crankshaft damper and oil seal 14
Gearcase, crankshaft oil seal
To change 14-1
Special tools
Oil seal fitting tool T85316/1
Note: If a crankshaft oil seal has failed in service it can be replaced without removing the gearcase.
1 Remove the crankshaft damper guard, crankshaft damper and its adaptor, see Section 14, page 61.
2 Using a hammer and a round punch carefully knock the outer casing of the seal a small way into the gearcase (A1). The seal will distort and step out on its top edge (A2).
3 Push a screwdriver between the seal and its casing (A3), then carefully lever the oil seal from the gearcase.
4 Clean the seal location and fit the oil seal locator (B1) to the crankshaft. Tighten the three locating bolts (B2) hand tight pulling the locator squarely onto the crankshaft. Lubricate the seal and slide it up the locator to the gearcase (B3).
5 Fit the outer sleeve (B4) then tighten the nut (B5) pushing the seal into the gearcase.
6 Remove the oil seal fitting tool.
7 To fit the crankshaft damper and its guard see Section 14, page 62.