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MAN Trucks & Buses Factory Service & Shop Manual Collection




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Complete workshop repair & service manual with electrical wiring diagrams for MAN Trucks & Buses. It's the same service manual used by dealers that guaranteed to be fully functional and intact without any missing page.

This service & repair manual collection (including maintenance, overhaul, disassembling & assembling, adjustment, tune-up, operation, inspecting, diagnostic & troubleshooting…) is divided into different sections. Each section covers a specific component or system with detailed illustrations. A table of contents is placed at the beginning of each section. Pages are easily found by category, and each page is expandable for great detail. The printer-ready PDF documents work like a charm on all kinds of devices.

FILELIST: (about 2G PDFs)
1290 751 105a - ZF-ECONLiTE 6 S 850, 6 S 890 Shop Manual.pdf
1304 751 103a - ZF-ECONMid 16 S 109 Service Manual.pdf
1307 763 102c - ZF-Ecolite Special Features.pdf
1315 751 101d - ZF-ECONSPLiT 16 S 151, 8 S 151 Shop Manual.pdf
1315 751 102a - ZF-ECONSPLiT NMV 221, i-0.98, i-1.55 Service Manual.pdf
1315 751 110a - ZF-ECONSPLiT Shift system with PSU (Pneumatic Servo Unit) Repair Manual.pdf
1316 751 101c - ZF-ECONSPLiT 16 S 221, 16 S 181, 8 S 181 Service Manual.pdf
1316 751 102 - ZF-ECONSPLiT 16 S 251 Service Manual.pdf
1327 751 101 - ZF-AS TRONic 10 AS 2301, 12 AS 2301, 16 AS 2601 (Repair stages 1-2) Repair Manual.pdf
1327 751 102 - ZF-AS TRONic 10 AS 2301, 12 AS 2301, 16 AS 2601 (Repair level 3) Repair Manual.pdf
25 1818 95 14 86 - Hydronic 16_24_30_35 Heater Troubleshooting and Repair Manual.pdf
4130 751 103a - ZF-TRANSMATiC WSK 400 for 16 S 151, 16 S 221, WSK 440 for 16 S 251 Service Manual.pdf
51.99493-8414 - MAN D2840 LE_LXE 401_402_407, D2842 LE_LYE_LZE 401_402_403_406_408_411_412_413, D2848 LE_LXE 401_403_405 Marine Diesel Engine Repair Manual.pdf
51.99493-8428 - MAN Marine Diesel Engines D2866LE 401-402-403-405 & D2876LE 301-403.pdf
51.99493-8504 - MAN D2840 LE2..., D2842 LE2..., D2848 LE2... Industrial Diesel Engine Repair Manual.pdf
51.99598-8021 - MAN M(S) 5 - D 28 V-Marine Engines Electrical Diesel Control EDC Repair Manual.pdf
51.99598-8038 - MAN D2848 LE 602_604_606_607 Industrial Diesel Engine Repair Manual.pdf
51.99598-8049 - MAN Electrical Diesel Control EDC M(S) 5 - D 2842 LE6.. Repair Manual.pdf
81.99198-5912 - MAN Hypoid Axles HY-1175, HDY-1175 Repair Manual F18.pdf
81.99198-5972 - MAN Trucknology Generation A (TG-A) Electrical System Wiring Diagrams.pdf
81.99198-6762 - MAN Driven Front Axle VP-09 Repair Manual G5.pdf
81.99198-6892 - MAN Driven Front Axle VPD-09 Repair Manual G6.pdf
81.99198-6922 - MAN Planetary Axle HP-1333 F38 Repair Manual.pdf
81.99198-6952 - MAN Non-driven Front Axles VOK-05-01~06 Repair Manual H10.pdf
81.99198-7132 - MAN Live Hypoid Rear Axle HY-0925 F22.pdf
81.99198-7852 - MAN Live Hypoid Rear Axle HY-0512 Repair Manual F20.pdf
81.99198-7882 - MAN Live Hypoid Rear Axle HY-0718 Repair Manual F21.pdf
81.99198-7912 - MAN Non-driven Front Axles VOK-03-01, VOK-03-02 Repair Manual H11.pdf
81.99198.4222 - MAN Forward-control Trucks Heavy Range F2000 & Medium Range M2000-M Electrical System Repair Manual T32.pdf
81.99298-4932 - MAN Hypoid Axles HY-1336-B Repair Manual F19.pdf
81.99298-6842 - MAN Electrical System Common-Rail Injection System EDC7 System Description T18.pdf
81.99298.4002 - MAN FRH Coach, Lion's Star Electrical System Repair Manual T20.pdf
81.99298.4322 - MAN Driven Rear Axles (AP Axles for Buses) Repair Manual F 4-B.pdf
81.99298.4322 - MAN Driven Rear Axles (AP Axles for Buses) Repair Manual F4-B.pdf
81.99589-5062 - MAN Maintenance Recommendations & Recommended Service Products - Commercial Vehicles, OEM Components & Rail Vehicles.pdf
81.99593-4092 - MAN In-line Engines D 28.. - 4-valve Cylinder Head Repair Manual 2nd Supplement A11.pdf
81.99593-4242 - MAN In-line Engines D 02- & D 08- Series Repair Manual 2nd Supplement A 13 (3.).pdf
81.99598-4022 - MAN Electrical System Electronic Diesel Control (EDC) MS5, M(S) 5 System Description T17-A.pdf
81.99598-43 - MAN In-line Engines D 02- & D 08- Series Repair Manual A13.pdf
81.99598-4462 - MAN D 25.. - D 28.. - 2-valve & 4-valve cylinder head In-line Engines Repair Manual incl. 1st supplement A11.pdf
81.99598-4572 - MAN Non-Driven, Steering Front-, Leading, Trailing Axles (V7-_V9-.. L,SL_HN7-_.. SL) Repair Manual H6.pdf
81.99598-4632 - MAN Hypoid Axles HY 0855, 0955, 1175, 13110, HOY 0955, 1175 Repair Manual F10.pdf
81.99598-4752 - MAN Driven Rear Hypoid Axle HY-1350 Repair Manual F13.pdf
81.99598-4842 - MAN Driven Hypoid Rear Axle HY-0720 Repair Manual F16.pdf
81.99598-5442 - MAN Front Leading & Trailing Axles Repair Manual H8.pdf
81.99598-6132 - MAN Disc Brake SN 5000 Repair Manual P109.pdf
81.99598.4662 - MAN Electronically Controlled Diesel Injection EDC MS 6.4 Repair Manual T17-A2.pdf
81.99598.58 - MAN Common Rail System EDC System Description T18 2nd Edition.pdf
81.99598.5892 - MAN Common Rail System EDC 7 System Description T18.pdf
83.99297-XXXX - MAN EMI-Low-Floor Regular-service Buses EL 223_283, NL-HD 223_283 Maintenance Manual WA 78 (2nd).pdf
EDC MS5 - MAN Training Documentation EDC MS5 Step 3 EURO II, Step 5 EURO III.pdf
EDC_MS64 - Training document EDC MS 6.4.pdf
Fundamentals of Commercial Vehicle Technology - Basic Infomation on Trucks & Buses
MAN D-0834_36 Engine EURO2-3 Training Course.pdf
MAN D2066 LF.. with EDC 7 Common Rail Engine Training Course.pdf
MAN Engine D 2866_76 Euro 2-3 Training Documentation.pdf
MAN Engine Training D 2876 LF 12_13 Common Rail AT-01c.pdf
MAN L2000 M2000 F2000 Construction Period 1992-2005 (according to model) Service Manual.pdf
MAN Lehrgangsunterlage ZF Getriebe 16 S 151_181_221_251 Ecosplit (DE).pdf
MAN Service Akademie EDC 7 Common Rail Training.pdf
MAN Trucknology Generation A (TGA) Shop Manual.pdf
MAN Trucknology Generation S and X (TGS_TGX) Shop Manual.pdf
Trucknology Generation L and M (TGL_TGM) Shop Manual.pdf
└── bonus_material
81.99198-476 - MAN Trucknolgy Generation A (TG-A) Instalatia Electrica Scheme de Conexiuni K90 (RO).pdf
81.99198-4876 - MAN Trucknology Generation A (TG-A) Sistemul electronic de franare (EBS) Instalatia Electrica Descrierea sistemului T61 (RO).pdf
81.99198-490 - MAN Trucknology Generation A (TG-A) Instrumentatie Instalatia Electrica Descrierea sistemului T62 (RO).pdf
81.99198-5026 - MAN Trucknology Generation A (TG-A) Intarder EST 48 Instalatia Electrica Descrierea sistemului T67 (RO).pdf
81.99198-5086 - MAN Trucknology Generation A (TG-A) Instalatia de climatizare Instalatia Electrica Descrierea sistemului T69 (RO).pdf
81.99198-53 - MAN Trucknology Generation A (TG-A) Modulul Portierei Instalatia Electrica Descrierea sistemului T77 (RO).pdf
81.99198-5356 - MAN Trucknology Generation A (TG-A) Airbag Instalatia Electrica Descrierea sistemului T78 (RO).pdf
81.99198-541 - MAN Trucknology Generation A (TG-A) Instalatia electrica centrala Descrierea sistemului T80 (RO).pdf
81.99198-544 - MAN Trucknology Generation A (CAN_ZBR_FFR) - CAN-Controller Area Network (Descrierea sistemului T51-A1) - Instalatia Electrica (RO).pdf
81.99598-470 - MAN Trucknology Generation A (TG-A) Instalatia electrica Injeclia de motorina cu reglaj electronic (EDC) MS 6.1 Descrierea sistemului T17-A3 (RO).pdf
81.99598-497 - MAN Instalatia electrica - Legenda, numere de cod numere de cabluri, simboluri... Lista aparatelor T60 (RO).pdf
81.99598-54 - MAN Modulul de comanda amplasat in USA Instalatia Electrica Descrierea sistemului T77 (RO).pdf
Coupling devices TG Service Manual.pdf
MAN Error Codes.pdf
MAN Interfaces TG Service Manual.pdf
MAN-Schite electrice
│   ...
Power Take-Offs At Eaton-Gearbox.pdf
Power Take-Offs Service Manual.pdf
Power Take-Offs at ZF-Gearbox.pdf
Pump Installation Service Information_1st supplement to 37500 en.pdf
ZDR (Intermediate Engine Speed Control) Interface with Customer Specific Control Module (KSM) for External Engine Speed Control & Fleet Management(FMS) Interface On TGA.pdf
ZDR Interface with Customer-Specific Control Module (Step 1) for External Engine Speed Control & Fleet Management Interface on TG.pdf
ZDR Interface with Vehicle Management Computers for External Speed Controls with the Trucknology Generation.pdf

Functional description
The hypoid rear axle for buses is described in this repair manual.
The axle is designed for an exceptionally long, maintenance-free service life. The axle is a live, non-steering rigid axle with a single reduction ratio. There is a choice of reduction ratios available for the axle drives. This axle is installed as a single axle.
The power flows from the gearbox to the rear axle input flange via the propshaft.
The power flows from the input flange to the rear axle via the countershaft gears, drive pinion/crown wheel, differential and axle shafts. From here, the power is transmitted to the wheel hub and the driven wheels.
The axle drive consists of the drive pinion/crown wheel assembly and the differential. The differential function is provided by a differential spider. The input flange has cross serrations.
The axle housing is made from fine-grained steel and is oil-tight. The two steel axle journals are welded to the axle housing. The flange for locating the sliding calliper carrier is welded onto the axle housing.
The brake is a compressed air-operated sliding-calliper disc brake with automatic adjustment and a continuous wear indicator. It is a single unit comprising service brake, auxiliary brake and parking brake. It is operated mechanically by means of a combination brake cylinder directly on the sliding calliper. The automatic adjustment feature takes effect depending on the degree of wear and operates with a fixed clearance.
The internally ventilated brake discs are bolted onto the wheel hubs.
The ABS consists of a ring with built-in speed sensor, which is shrunk onto the axle housing (axle tube). The ABS pulse generator for the ABS speed sensor is part of the hub-unit wheel bearing unit and is pressed into the wheel hub.
The hub-unit wheel bearing unit is a "constructed" encapsulated wheel hub bearing unit and constitutes a single component.
The wheel hub, bearing, rotary shaft seals and ABS pulse wheel (rotor) are assembled into an encapsulated unit.
These wheel bearings are not adjustable and have a lifetime grease filling for lubrication. No measurable clearance is permitted on the hub-unit wheel bearings.
The brake pads are asbestos free. A checking device informs the driver when the wear limit is reached.
The parking brake is applied via the brake cylinder spring actuators.

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