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John Deere 3032E, 3036E, 3038E Compact Utility Tractors Diagnostic & Repair Manual (TM127919)




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John Deere 83032E, 3036E, 3038E Compact Utility Tractors Diagnostic & Repair Manual (TM127919)

TM127919 - 3032E, 3036E, 3038E Compact Utility Tractors Diagnostic & Repair Manual.pdf
993 pages, bookmarked, Searchable, Printable, high quality PDF

Complete Diagnostic & Repair Manual with electrical wiring diagrams for John Deere 83032E, 3036E, 3038E Compact Utility Tractors. It's the same service manual used by dealers that guaranteed to be fully functional and intact without any missing page.

John Deere 83032E, 3036E, 3038E Compact Utility Tractors Diagnostic & Repair Manual (including maintenance, overhaul, disassembling & assembling, adjustment, tune-up, operation, inspecting, diagnostic & troubleshooting…) is divided into different sections. Each section covers a specific component or system with detailed illustrations. A table of contents is placed at the beginning of each section. Pages are easily found by category, and each page is expandable for great detail. The printer-ready PDF documents work like a charm on all kinds of devices.

TABLE OF CONTENTS (exploded view)
 10 - General Information
    05 - Safety
        Avoid Backover Accidents
        Avoid Contact with Agricultural Chemicals
        Avoid Heating Near Pressurized Fluid Lines
        Avoid High-Pressure Fluids
        Avoid Hot Exhaust
        Clean Exhaust Filter Safely
        Dispose of Waste Properly
        Do Not Open High-Pressure Fuel System
        Fire Prevention
        Follow Safety Instructions
        Freeing a Mired Machine
        Handle Agricultural Chemicals Safely
        Handle Electronic Components and Brackets Safely
        Handle Fuel Safely342200224Avoid Fires
        Handle Starting Fluid Safely
        Handling Batteries Safely
        Implements Safely (Mass)
        In Case of Fire
        Instructional Seat
        Keep Riders Off Machine
        Keep ROPS Installed Properly
        Limited Use in Forestry Operation
        Operating the Loader Tractor Safely
        Operating the Tractor Safely
        Park Machine Safely
        Practice Safe Maintenance
        Prepare for Emergencies
        Prevent Machine Runaway
        Protect Against Noise
        Read Operator Manuals for ISOBUS Implements
        Recognize Safety Information
        Remove Paint Before Welding or Heating
        Service Accumulator Systems Safely
        Service Cooling System Safely
        Service Front-Wheel Drive Tractor Safely
        Service Tires Safely
        Stay Clear of Rotating Drivelines
        Store Attachments Safely
        Support Machine Properly
        Transport Towed Equipment at Safe Speeds
        Transport Tractor Safely
        Understand Signal Words
        Use a Safety Chain
        Use Caution On Slopes and Uneven Terrain
        Use Foldable ROPS and Seat Belt Properly
        Use Safety Lights and Devices
        Use Seat Belt Properly
        Use Steps and Handholds Correctly
        Wear Protective Clothing
        Work In Ventilated Area
 20 - Specifications and Information
    05 - Genearl Specifications
       Gasket Sealant Application
       Metric Bolt and Screw Torque Values
       Metric Cap Screw Torque Values342200224Grade 7
       Service Recommendations For Flat Face O-Ring Seal Fittings
       Service Recommendations for O-Ring Boss Fittings
       Unified Inch Bolt and Screw Torque Values
    10 - Fuels and Lubricants
       Alternative and Synthetic Lubricants
       Diesel Engine Break-In Oil
       Diesel Engine Coolant (engine with wet sleeve cylinder liners)
       Diesel Engine Oil
       Diesel Fuel
       Handling and Storing Diesel Fuel
       Lubricant Storage
       Mixing of Lubricants
       Transmission and Hydraulic Oil
    15 - Machine Specifications
        Engine Information
        Engine Serial Number
        Machine Product Identification Number
        Serial Numbers
 25 - Diagnostic Trouble Codes
    05 - General References
       Diagnostic Trouble Codes Overview
       Erroneous Diagnostic Trouble Codes
       Recall, Record, and Clear Codes
    10 - Instrument Cluster Control (ICC) DTC
       ICC 000110.00 342200224 Engine Coolant Temperature Data Valid But Above Normal Operating Range
       ICC 000110.04 342200224 Engine Coolant Temperature Voltage Below Normal, or Shorted to Low Source
       ICC 000110.09 342200224 Engine Coolant Temperature Abnormal Update Rate
       ICC 000190.09 342200224 Engine Speed Abnormal Update Rate
       ICC 000247.09 342200224 Engine Total Hours of Operation, Abnormal Update Rate
       ICC 000628.02 342200224 Light Bulb Output Driver Data erratic, intermittent or incorrect
       ICC 000628.12 342200224 Program Memory, Bad Intelligent Device or Component
       ICC 000630.13 342200224 Program Memory Out of Calibration
       ICC 000632.05 342200224 Engine Fuel Shutoff Current Below Normal or Open Circuit
       ICC 000632.06 342200224 Engine Fuel Shutoff Current Above Normal or Grounded Circuit
       ICC 000677.05 342200224 Engine Starter Motor Relay Current Below Normal or Open Circuit
       ICC 000677.06 342200224 Engine Starter Motor Relay Current Above Normal or Grounded Circuit
       ICC 002000.09 342200224 Source Address 0 Abnormal Update Rate
       ICC 002368.05 342200224 Left Turn Signal Lights Current Below Normal or Open Circuit
       ICC 002368.06 342200224 Left Turn Signal Lights Current Above Normal or Grounded Circuit
       ICC 002370.05 342200224 Right Turn Signal Lights Current Below Normal or Open Circuit
       ICC 002370.06 342200224 Right Turn Signal Lights Current Above Normal or Grounded Circuit
       ICC 002392.05 342200224 Alarm Horn Current Below Normal or Open Circuit
       ICC 002807.05 342200224 Engine Fuel Shutoff 2 Control Current Below Normal or Open Circuit
       ICC 002807.06 342200224 Engine Fuel Shutoff 2 Control Current Above Normal or Grounded Circuit
       ICC 003695.03 342200224 Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration Inhibit Switch Voltage above normal, or shorted to high source
       ICC 003719.09 342200224 Particulate Trap #1 Soot Load Percent Abnormal Update Rate
       ICC 003721.09 342200224 Particulate Trap #1 Time Since Last Active Regeneration Abnormal Update Rate
       ICC 524264.31 342200224 Checksum Error Not Available or Condition Exists
    15 - Engine Control Unit (ECU) DTC
        ECU 000237.13 342200224 VIN Option Code Security Data Conflict
        ECU 000237.31 342200224 VIN Security Data Missing
        ECU 003695.14 342200224 Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration Special Instructions
        ECU 342200224 Non-Tractor ECU Codes
 30 - Engine - Diesel
    05 - Specifications
       Engine Information
       General Specifications
       Operational Tests
       Other Materials
       Repair Specifications
       Service Equipment and Tools
       Tests and Adjustment Specifications
       Torque Values, Non-Standard Fasteners
    10 - Component Location
       Air Cleaner and Intake Components
       Fuel Supply Components
       Turbocharger Components
    15 - Theory of Operation
       Air Intake System
       Cooling System Operation
       Fuel System Operation
       Lubrication System Operation
       Turbocharger Operation
    20 - Diagnostics
       Check for Head Gasket Failures
       Coolant in Oil or Oil in Coolant
       Coolant Temperature Abnormal
       Diagnostic Table
       Engine Oil Diagnostics
       Engine Oil Pressure Low
       Engine Operation Poor
       Engine Starting Problem
       Engine Troubleshooting
       Excessive Fuel Consumption
       Incorrect Manifold Pressure
       Low Engine Compression
       Turbocharger Failure Analysis
    25 - Tests and Adjustments
       Bleed Fuel System
       Camshaft End Play Check
       Check Air Intake System
       Check for Excessive Engine Crankcase Pressure (Turbocharged Engines)
       Check for Exhaust Air Leaks (Turbocharger)
       Check for Intake and Exhaust Restrictions
       Connecting Rod Bearing Clearance Check
       Connecting Rod Side Play Check
       Cooling System Pressure Test
       Crankshaft End Play Check
       Crankshaft Main Bearing Clearance Check
       Cylinder Compression Test
       Engine Oil Pressure Test
       Fan and Alternator Drive Belt Adjustment
       Fuel Injection Nozzle Test
       Fuel Supply Pump Pressure Test
       Fuel System Leakage Test
       Injection Pump Timing
       Radiator Bubble Test
       Radiator Pressure Cap Test
       Slow Idle Adjustment
       Thermostat Opening Test
       Throttle Rod Adjustment
       Timing Gear Backlash Check
       Turbocharger Inspection
       Turbocharger Oil Seal Leak Check
       Turbocharger Waste Gate Test
       Valve Clearance Adjustment
       Valve Lift Check
    30 - Repair
        Camshaft Followers
        Crankshaft and Main Bearings
        Crankshaft Front Oil Seal
        Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal
        Cylinder Bore
        Cylinder Head and Valves Disassembly and Assembly
        Cylinder Head and Valves Removal and Installation
        Diesel Particulate Filter Removal and Installation
        Engine and Flywheel Housing Split
        Engine Control Unit (ECU) Removal and Installation
        Engine Removal and Installation
        Exhaust Manifold
        Exhaust Pipe Removal and Installation-Downward Exhaust
        Exhaust Pipe Removal and Installation-Vertical Exhaust
        Flywheel and Coupling
        Fuel Filter and Water Separator
        Fuel Injection Nozzles
        Fuel Injection Pump
        Glow Plug Removal and Installation
        Grind Valve Seats
        Idler Gear
        Intake Manifold
        Lap Valves
        Measure Piston-To-Cylinder Head Clearance
        Muffler Removal and Installation
        Oil Pan and Strainer
        Oil Pump
        Piston and Connecting Rod
        Piston Inspection
        Radiator Removal and Installation3422002243032E, 3038E
        Radiator Removal and Installation3422002243036E
        Rocker Arm Assembly
        Rocker Cover Removal and Installation
        Secondary Fuel Filter
        Starting Motor Removal and Installation
        Thermostat Removal and Installation
        Timing Gear Cover Mounting Plate
        Timing Gear Cover
        Turbocharger Removal and Installation
        Valve Guides
        Valve Recession
        Valve Seats
        Valve Springs
        Water Pump Removal and Installation
 40A - Electrical (3036E)
    05 - General References
       Control Panel
       Electrical Components
       Load Center
    10 - Specifications
       Main Schematic
       Schematic and Wiring Harness Legend
       W1 Main Wiring Harness Color Codes
       W1 Main Wiring Harness
    15 - Component Location
        Charging Circuit Diagnosis
        Charging Circuit Electrical Schematic
        Charging Circuit Operation
        Cranking Circuit Electrical Schematic
        Cruise Control Circuit Diagnosis3422002243036E
        Cruise Control Circuit Schematic
        Cruise Control Circuit Theory of Operation
        Display Panel Circuit Diagnosis
        Display Panel Circuit Electrical Schematic
        Display Panel Theory of Operation
        Fuel and Safety Circuit Diagnosis
        Fuel and Safety Circuit Electrical Schematic
        Fuel and Safety Circuit Operation
        Glow Plug Circuit Diagnosis
        Glow Plug Circuit Schematic
        Lights and Horn Circuit Diagnosis
        Lights and Horn Circuit Operation
        Lights and Horn Circuit Schematic
        Power Circuit Diagnosis3422002243036E
        Power Circuit Electrical Schematic
        PTO and Safety Circuit Diagnosis
        PTO and Safety Circuit Electrical Schematic
        PTO and Safety Circuit Operation
 40 - Electrical
    05 - General Information
       Common Circuit Tests
       Conductors For 12 Volt Circuits
       Diagnostic Information
       Reading Electrical Schematics
       Theory Of Operation Information
       Wire Color Abbreviation Chart
    10 - Specifications
       Other Materials
       Service Equipment and Tools
    15 - Component Location
       Air Intake System
       Control Panel
       Cooling System Operation
       Cruise Control Components
       Electrical Components3422002243032E, 3038E
       Fuel System Operation
       Load Center
       Lubrication System Operation
       Turbocharger Operation
    20 - Schematic and Wiring Harness
       Main Schematic
       Schematic and Wiring Harness Legend
       W1 Main Wiring Harness
       W2 Cruise Control Wiring Harness
    25 - Operation and Diagnostics
       Charging Circuit Theory of Operation
       Cranking Circuit Diagnosis
       Cranking Circuit Theory of Operation
       Cruise Control Circuit Diagnosis
       Fuel Supply Circuit Theory of Operation
       Glow Plug Circuit Theory of Operation
       Instrument Cluster Control (ICC) Circuit Diagnosis
       Instrument Cluster Control (ICC) Theory of Operation
       Lighting Circuit Diagnosis
       Lighting Circuit Theory of Operation
       Power Circuit Diagnosis
       Power Circuit Theory of Operation
       PTO Circuit Diagnosis
       PTO Circuit Theory of Operation
    30 - Tests and Adjustments
       Alternator Regulated Voltage Test
       Battery342200224Load Test
       Battery Voltage and Specific Gravity Test
       Brake Switch Test
       Cruise Control Magnet Test
       Cruise Control Switch Test
       Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Test
       Engine Oil Pressure Switch Test
       Fuel Shutoff Solenoid Test
       Fuse Test
       Glow Plug Test
       Ground Circuit Test
       Hazard Switch Test
       Horn Switch Test
       Key Switch Test
       Light Switch Test
       Manifold Heater Test
       Miniature Relay Test
       PTO Solenoid Test
       PTO Switch Test
       Regulated Amperage and Voltage Test
       Relay Test
       Seat Switch Test
       Starting Motor Amperage Draw Test
       Starting Motor No-Load Amperage Draw and RPM Test
       Starting Motor Solenoid Test
       Transmission Neutral Switch Test
       Turn Signal Switch Test
    35 - Repair
        Alternator Disassembly and Assembly
        Alternator Removal and Installation
        Starting Motor Disassembly and Assembly
        Starting Motor Inspection_Test
 45 - Electronic Control Units
    05 - General References
       Approved Software for Control Units
       CAN Bus Message Structure
       Electronic Control Units - Summary of References
       Keep Electronic Control Unit Connectors Clean
       Servicing Electronic Control Units
    10 - Theory of Operation
       CAN Bus Theory of Operation
    15 - Programing and Calibrations
       ECU Based Throttle Calibration
       Programming Control Units
       Rolling Tire Circumference342200224Calibration
    20 - Tests and Adjustments
       CAN Bus Terminator Test
       CAN Communication Fault Checks
       CAN Network Voltage Checks
       System Address Beep Test
       Troubleshooting Control Unit Programming
       Troubleshooting Electronic Controllers
       Troubleshooting Unresolved Problems
    25 - Diagnostic Addresses
        Control Unit Addresses342200224Access
        Diagnostic Addresses342200224Engine Control Unit (ECU) Controller
        Diagnostic Addresses342200224Instrument Cluster Control (ICC) Controller
        Entering Diagnostic and Calibration Modes
 50 - Power Train
    05 - Specifications
       General Specifications
       Other Material
       Repair Specifications
       Service Equipment and Tools
       Torque Specifications
    10 - Component Location
       Axle Housing (OCT 2013342200224)
       Axle Housing
       Brake and Axle Housing
       Brake and Differential Lock Linkage
       Differential Assembly
       Differential (OCT 2013342200224)
       Drive Pedals and Linkage
       Front Drive (For MFWD)
       MFWD Front Axle Housing and Differential (342200224OCT 2013)
       MFWD Front Axle Housing (OCT 2013342200224)
       Pinion Shaft
       PTO Clutch and Brake Assembly
       PTO Rear Shaft
       Rear Axle and Final Drive
       Transmission and Swash Plate
       Transmission Housing
       Transmission Oil Pump
    15 - Theory of Operation
       Differential Power Flow and Lock
       MFWD Power Operation
       Power Transmission - Rear PTO
       Range Transmission
    20 - Diagnostics
       Final Drive Diagnosis
       System Checks
    25 - Troubleshooting
       Differential Lock
       Final Drive Symptom Diagnosis
       General Operation
       PTO Diagnostics
       Symptom Diagnosis
    30 - Tests and Adjustments
       Charge Pump Pressure Test and Adjustment
       Control Pedal Adjustment
       Differential Backlash Adjustment
       Differential Pinion Shaft Adjustment
    35 - Repair
        Axle Housing Disassembly and Assembly
        Differential Removal and Installation
        Hydraulic Gear Pump and Drive Removal
        Hydraulic Gear Pump Removal
        Machine Splitting (Front)
        Machine Splitting (Rear)
        MFWD Differential (342200224Oct 2013)
        MFWD Differential (Oct 2013342200224 )
        MFWD Final Drive Cover
        MFWD Output Assembly
        MFWD Removal and Installation
        MFWD Spindle Shaft
        Power Train Brake Assembly
        PTO Clutch Disassembly and Assembly
        PTO Clutch Removal and Installation
        PTO Drive Shaft and Gears
        Rear Axles
        Speed Range Gears
 60 - Hydraulics
    05 - Specifications
       Hydraulic Specifications
       Service Equipment and Tools
       Torque Specifications
    10 - Component Location and Schematics
       PTO System Schematic
       Rockshaft and Lift Arms
       Rockshaft and SCV System Schematic
       Rockshaft Control Valve
       Steering System and Hydrostatic Schematic
       Steering System Components
    15 - Theory of Operation
       Hydraulic Operation
       PTO Clutch and Brake Theory of Operation
       Rockshaft Operation
    20 - Troubleshooting
       Hydrostatic Troubleshooting
       Rockshaft Hydraulics
    25 - Tests and Adjustments
       Charge Pressure Test
       Hydraulic System Bleed Procedure
       Lift Arms Adjustment
       PTO Clutch Pressure Test
       Rate of Drop and Stop Valve Adjustment
       Rockshaft Leakage Test
       Rockshaft Lift Cycle Test
       Rockshaft Position Feedback Linkage Adjustment
       Rockshaft Surge Relief Test
       Steering Pressure Test
       System Pressure Adjustment
       System Pressure and Flow Test
    30 - Repair
        Hydraulic Gear Pump and Reduction
        Rockshaft Disassembly and Assembly
        Rockshaft Lift Arms Removal and Installation
        Rockshaft Removal and Installation
 70 - Steering
    05 - Specifications
       Service Equipment and Tools
       Steering Specifications
       Torque Specifications
    10 - Component Location and Schematics
       Steering Components
       Steering System Schematic
    15 - Theory of Operation
    20 - Troubleshooting
       Symptom Steering Noisy or Vibrates
       Symptom Steering Problems
       System Steering Checks
    25 - Tests and Adjustments
       Steering Pressure Check
       Steering System Test
       Toe-in Adjustment MFWD
    30 - Repair
        Steering Control Unit (SCU) Removal and Installation
        Steering Cylinder Removal and Installation MFWD
        Steering Wheel Removal and Installation
        Tie Rod Removal and Installation MFWD
 80 - Brakes
    05 - Specifications
       Torque Specifications
    10 - Component Location
       Brake Assembly Component Location
       Brake Pedal and Linkage (Exploded View)
       Brake Pedal and Linkage
    15 - Theory of Operation
    20 - Troubleshooting
       Diagnostic Check Points
    25 - Tests and Adjustments
       Brake and Differential Lock Adjustment
    30 - Repair
        Brake Assembly
        Brake Pedal Assembly Removal and Installation
 90 - Miscellaneous
    05 - Specifications
       General Specifications
       Torque Specifications
    10 - Component Location
       Fuel Tank and Firewall
    15 - Repair
        Battery Removal and Installation
        Control Panel Removal and Installation
        Front Wheel Removal and Installation
        Fuel Tank Removal and Installation
        Hood Removal and Installation
        Operator342200231s Foot Decks
        Rear Fenders Removal and Installation
        Rear Wheel Removal and Installation
        Roll Over Protection System (ROPS)
        Seat and Seat Support Removal and Installation

Turbocharger Oil Seal Leak Check
Seals are used on both sides of the turbocharger rotor assembly. The seals are used to prevent exhaust gasses and air from entering the turbocharger housing. Oil leakage past the seals is uncommon but can occur.
A restricted or damaged turbocharger oil return line can cause the housing to pressurize, causing oil to leak by the seals.
Additionally, intake or exhaust restrictions can cause a vacuum between the compressor and turbocharger housing, causing oil to leak by the seals.
1. Park machine safely. (See Park Machine Safely in Section 10, Group 05.)
2. Allow engine to cool.
3. Raise hood.
4. Remove elbow (A) between turbocharger and muffler.
LVAL15663-UN: Turbocharger Oil Seal Leak Check
A - Elbow
5. Loosen the hose clamps (B) and (C). Remove the inlet and outlet air hoses.
LVAL15664-UN: Turbocharger Oil Seal Leak Check
B - Hose Clamp
C - Hose Clamp
D - Turbocharger Oil Return Line

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