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Dodge Caliber 2007-2012 Workshop Repair & Service Manual




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Complete digital official shop manual contains service, maintenance, and troubleshooting information for the Dodge Caliber 2007-2012. Diagnostic and repair procedures are covered in great detail to repair, maintain, rebuild, refurbish or restore your vehicle like a professional mechanic in local service/repair workshop. This cost-effective quality manual is 100% complete and intact as should be without any missing pages. It is the same factory shop manual used by dealers that guaranteed to be fully functional to save your precious time.

This manual for Dodge Caliber 2007-2012 is divided into different sections. Each section covers a specific component or system and, in addition to the standard service procedures, includes disassembling, inspecting, and assembling instructions. A table of contents is placed at the beginning of each section. Pages are easily found by category, and each page is expandable for great detail. It is in the cross-platform PDF document format so that it works like a charm on all kinds of devices. You do not need to be skilled with a computer to use the manual.

0 Lubrication & Maintenance
2 Suspension
3 Differential & Driveline
4 Vehicle Quick Reference
5 Brakes
6 Clutch
7 Cooling
8A Audio/Video
8B Chime/Buzzer
8E Electronic Control Modules
8F Engine Systems
8G Heated Systems
8H Horn
8I Ignition Control
8J Instrument Cluster
8L Lamps
8M Message Systems
8N Power Systems
8O Restraints
8P Speed Control
8Q Vehicle Theft Security
8R Wipers/Washers
8T Navigation/Telecommunication
8W Wiring
9 Engine
11 Exhaust System
13 Frame & Bumpers
14 Fuel System
19 Steering
21 Transmission and Transfer Case
22 Tires/Wheels
23 Body
24 Heating & Air Conditioning
25 Emissions Control
Component and System Index
DTC Index

NOTE: To bleed the brakes manually, the aid of a helper will be required.
1. Attach a clear plastic hose (1) to the bleeder screw and feed the hose into a clear jar (2) containing enough fresh brake fluid to submerge the end of the hose.
2. Have a helper pump the brake pedal three or four times and hold it in the down position.
3. With the pedal in the down position, open the bleeder screw at least one full turn.
4. Once the brake pedal has dropped, close the bleeder screw. After the bleeder screw is closed, release the brake pedal.
5. Repeat the above steps until all trapped air is removed from that wheel circuit (usually four or five times).
6. Bleed the remaining wheel circuits in the same manner until all air is removed from the brake system.
Monitor the fluid level in the master cylinder reservoir (2) to make sure it does not go dry.
7. Check and adjust brake fluid level to the FULL mark.
8. Check the brake pedal travel. If pedal travel is excessive or has not been improved, some air may still be trapped in the system. Re-bleed the brakes as necessary.
9. Test drive the vehicle to verify the brakes are operating properly and pedal feel is correct.
NOTE: Follow pressure bleeder manufacturer’s instructions for use of pressure bleeding equipment.
Following the same wheel circuit sequence as prescribed for manual bleeding.
1. Attach Master Cylinder Cap (2), Special Tool 6921, in place of the filler cap on the master cylinder reservoir (3).
2. Attach Bleeder Tank (1), Special Tool C-3496-B, or an equivalent, to the Master Cylinder Cap 6921.

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