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BMW 3-Series E30 1981-1993 Workshop Repair & Service Manual




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Complete digital official shop manual contains service, maintenance, and troubleshooting information for the 1981-1993 BMW 316, 316i, 316s, 318i, 318is, 320i, 320is, 323i, 324d, 324td, 325, 325e, 325es, 325i, 325ic, 325is, 325ix, 325 Convertible, 333i, M3, M3 Evolution, M3 Evolution II, M3 Sport Evolution. Diagnostic and repair procedures are covered in great detail to repair, maintain, rebuild, refurbish or restore your vehicle like a professional mechanic in local service/repair workshop. This cost-effective quality manual is 100% complete and intact as should be without any missing pages. It is the same factory shop manual used by dealers that guaranteed to be fully functional to save your precious time.

This manual for 1981-1993 BMW 316, 316i, 316s, 318i, 318is, 320i, 320is, 323i, 324d, 324td, 325, 325e, 325es, 325i, 325ic, 325is, 325ix, 325 Convertible, 333i, M3, M3 Evolution, M3 Evolution II, M3 Sport Evolution is divided into different sections. Each section covers a specific component or system and, in addition to the standard service procedures, includes disassembling, inspecting, and assembling instructions. A table of contents is placed at the beginning of each section. Pages are easily found by category, and each page is expandable for great detail. It is in the cross-platform PDF document format so that it works like a charm on all kinds of devices. You do not need to be skilled with a computer to use the manual.

YEAR: 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993
LANGUAGE: English / German
MODEL: 3-Series (E30)
316, 316i, 316s, 318i, 318is, 320i, 320is, 323i, 324d, 324td, 325, 325e, 325es, 325i, 325ic, 325is, 325ix, 325 Convertible, 333i, M3, M3 Evolution, M3 Evolution II, M3 Sport Evolution

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'82-'93 316 / 316i/ 318i / 318is / 320i / 323i / 325e / 325i / 320is / 324d / 324td

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3-Series (E30):
316 (83 to 88), 316i (88 to 91), 318i (83 to 91), 320i (87 to 91), 325i (87 to 91).
Also Touring and Convertible versions of these models
5-Series (E28):
518 (81 to 85), 518i (85 to 88), 525i (81 to 88), 528i (81 to 88), 535i (85 to 88), M535i (85 to 88)
5-Series (E34):
518i (90 to 91), 520i (88 to 91), 525i (88 to 91), 530i (88 to 91), 535i (88 to 91)
Engines covered:
1596 cc, 1766 cc, 1795 cc, 1990 cc, 2494 cc, 2788 cc, 2986 cc & 3430 cc
Does not cover Diesel, dohc or V8 engines, or four-wheel-drive models

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"318i, M3 (US).pdf"
'82-'91 (E30) 318i / M3 (US)

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"E30 M3 (US).iso"
'86-'91 (E30) M3 (US)

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'84-'90 (E30) 318i, 325, 325e, 325es, 325i, 325is, 325 Convertible

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316: 1982-1987
316i: 1988-1992
316s: 1982-1987
318i: 1982-1992
318is: 1989-1991
320i: 1982-1991
320is: 1987-1990
323i: 1981-1986
324d: 1985-1990
324td: 1987-1993
325: 1983-1988
325e/es: 1983-1988
325i: 1984-1991
325ic: 1985-1993
325is: 1987-1991
325ix: 1985-1991
333i: 1984-1986
M3: 1986-1991
M3 Evolution/Evolution II/Sport Evolution: 1986-1990


BMWs covered in this manual are powered by one of three different engines. 1984-1985 318i models have a 4-cylinder, 1 .8 liter engine. 325, 325e, and 325es models have a 6-cylinder, 2.7 liter engine. 325i, 325is, and 325i Convertible models have a 6-cylinder, 2.5 liter engine.
Transmission Number
Although most internal repairs to the transmission are beyond the scope of this manual, the transmission number with its identifying code may be important when buying clutch parts, seals, gaskets, and other transmission-related parts for repairs which are covered.
Manual transmissions are identified by a manufacturers stamp and code numbers and letters. The manufacturers stamp is located on the case, just in front of the clutch slave cylinder mounting as shown in Fig. 3-8. The code numbers and letters are located on top of the bell housing as shown in Fig. 3-9. More information on manual transmission codes and their meanings can be found in MANUAL TRANSMISSION AND CLUTCH.

Use a snap-ring plier to remove the snap ring retaining the trigger wheel. Next, use two screwdrivers positioned at opposite sides of the trigger wheel to pry it up as shown in Fig. 4-1 0. Do not lose the rolled pin that fits between the trigger wheel and the distributor shaft.

The impulse generator coil can be removed from the base plate by removing the three mounting screws shown in Fig. 4-11 . Note the insulating ring between the coil and the base plate. Installation is the reverse of removal. Be sure the insulating ring is positioned between the coil and the base plate. Make sure the coil is centred on the base plate before tightening the mounting screws. When installing the trigger wheel, make sure the rolled pin is located between the notch in the distributor shaft and the notch in the trigger wheel.

A workshop trolley jack may also be only applied for lifting the vehicle on the same take-up points described for the lifting platform.
A suitable liner (rubber, wood or plastic) must be used between the jack and vehicle to avoid damage to the undercoating, frame members or floor plate.
Front Take-up Point
Rear Take-up Point
Driving the car white lifted, will destroy the half-shaft-joints because of excessive bending angle.

00 00 230 BMW Inspection II = Inspection I + Additional Jobs
Check all drive belts, adjust tension if necessary
Replace spark plugs
Air cleaner: replace air filter cartridge
Replace filter cartridge more frequently when car is operated in dusty regions
Replace main fuel filter, shorten intervals when contaminated fuel was used
Check clutch drive plate for wear
Replace manual transmission oil land transfer case oil, 325 iX) at operating temperature
Check front wheel bearing play
Check automatic transmission oil level correcting if necessary (only in inspection II)
00 00 235 Additional Job
Change timing belt every second inspection II or 4 years (and M 20 engine).

Detach hose (8).
Remove cylinder head cover.
Tighten nuts and bolts in order of 1 through 7, Tightening torque*.
Also bolt holder for ignition lead,
Check gasket, replacing if necessary.

1 Wind deflector
1 Rubber seal
2 Flat head screws
2 Knurled nuts
2 Holders

Mount rubber seal on wind deflector and, if applicable, cut off protruding ends.
Open sun roof.
Press in holders between beaded edge and panel on left and right sides with a screwdriver.
Align wind deflector parallel to roof opening and tighten left and right screws uniformly.
Note: Tighten screws uniformly after driving car approx. 100 km (60 miles).

Extra for Cars with Check Control:
Pull off left wheel house trim partially.
Route extra wires along standard wire harness.
Remove control unit.

Pull off multiple-pin plug (1) on control unit and connect with female plug (2) of extra wire.
Connect multiple-pin plug (3) of extra wire on control unit.
Install control unit.

Checking Operation:
Connect battery ground lead.
Make sure connections of corresponding plug match connections of socket.
Check function of trailer lights and turn signals when hitching a trailer.
Extra indicator lamp flashes only when trailer is hitched.
Install all removed parts.
Install drawbar load label.
Install a 15A fuse in place of 7.5 amp fuse in fuse position no. 6, if car has extra stop lights.

Lubrication and Maintenance
Engine Management - Drivability
Fuel System
Cooling System
Exhaust System and Emission Controls
Manual Transmission and Clutch
Automatic Transmission
Driveshaft and Final Drive
Suspension and Steering
Body and Interior
Electrical System

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