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BMW 320i/323i/323is/323Ci 1975-2000 Workshop Repair & Service Manual




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Complete digital official shop manual contains service, maintenance, and troubleshooting information for the 1975-2000 BMW 320i, 323i, 323is, 323Ci. Diagnostic and repair procedures are covered in great detail to repair, maintain, rebuild, refurbish or restore your vehicle like a professional mechanic in local service/repair workshop. This cost-effective quality manual is 100% complete and intact as should be without any missing pages. It is the same factory shop manual used by dealers that guaranteed to be fully functional to save your precious time.

This manual for 1975-2000 BMW 320i, 323i, 323is, 323Ci is divided into different sections. Each section covers a specific component or system and, in addition to the standard service procedures, includes disassembling, inspecting, and assembling instructions. A table of contents is placed at the beginning of each section. Pages are easily found by category, and each page is expandable for great detail. It is in the cross-platform PDF document format so that it works like a charm on all kinds of devices. You do not need to be skilled with a computer to use the manual.

320i 1977-1983
323i 1975-1983
323i: 1996-2000
323is: 1996-1999
323Ci: 2000

1.8L 4-CYL 1983 Engines - 1.8L 4-Cylinder
Fig. 4: Measuring Dowel Sleeve Projection Above Cylinder Block
NOTE: Ensure cylinder block deck surface is clean and free from nicks or burrs.
Removal (Upper Cover)
Remove rocker cover. Disconnect air injection pipe from exhaust manifold. Remove upper front cover attaching bolts. Remove, clean, and inspect cover.
1. Fill 2 holes in lower front cover (where it junctions with the cylinder head) with sealing compound. Using a new gasket, install front cover.
2. Install attaching bolts. Loosely tighten attaching bolts to lower front cover. Tighten bolts that attach front cover to cylinder head. Tighten bolts that attach upper front cover to lower front cover last.
Removal (Lower Cover)
1. Disconnect battery ground cable. Remove water pump. Remove upper front cover. Using care (because of strong spring pressure), remove timing chain tensioner plug, spring and piston.
2. Disconnect wires from alternator. Remove alternator, mounting bracket and adjusting bracket.
3. Remove oil filter adapter housing. Remove air pump, mounting bracket and adjusting bracket. Remove lifting eye from lower cover. Remove flywheel cover and lock flywheel in place. Remove crankshaft damper.
4. Remove attaching bolts from lower cover and front of oil pan. Loosen remaining oil pan bolts. Carefully separate oil pan gasket from timing case cover with knife blade. Remove lower cover.
Apply gasket sealer to gaskets. Install lower front cover and remaining components in reverse order of removal.
Ensure that chain tensioner take-up land is in oil pocket.
Removal & Installation
1. Remove fan housing from radiator. Loosen alternator and remove drive belt. Remove flywheel cover and lock flywheel in place. Remove damper. Carefully pry seal from recess in cover.
2. Lubricate seal lip with oil. Use seal installing tool to press in seal flush.
1. Remove distributor cap. Set No. 1 piston at TDC. Align distributor rotor with notch in distributor housing, and timing pointer with notch in damper/pulley. See Fig. 2. DO NOT allow crankshaft to move.
2. Remove upper and lower timing case covers. Remove camshaft sprocket. Remove circlip and unscrew pivot pin until chain guide rests on cylinder head gasket. Remove timing chain from sprocket and
3. Remove chain guide by pulling down and swinging to the right. Remove chain from guide.
4. If crankshaft sprocket removal is necessary, remove oil pan. Remove oil pump sprocket and drive chain.
Remove Woodruff key from crankshaft. Using a puller, remove crankshaft sprocket.
1. If removed, crankshaft sprocket must be heated before installation. Install Woodruff key, crankshaft sprocket, oil pump drive chain, and oil pump sprocket.
2. Oil pump drive chain has correct tension if chain gives under slight thumb pressure midway between sprockets. Two drive chains are available for tension adjustment. If proper tension cannot be obtained with either drive chain, shims are available for installation between oil pump and cylinder block.
3. Install timing chain, camshaft sprocket and remaining components in reverse order of removal. Note that dowel pin bore in camshaft flange must be positioned downward. Notch in camshaft flange must face upward and align with cast tab on cylinder head.