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Komatsu WA700 Loader Factory Service & Shop Manual




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Complete workshop service manual with electrical wiring diagrams for Komatsu WA700-1, WA700-3, WA700-3L Wheel Loader. It's the same service manual used by dealers that guaranteed to be fully functional and intact without any missing page.

This Komatsu WA700-1, WA700-3, WA700-3L Wheel Loader service & repair manual (including maintenance, overhaul, disassembling & assembling, adjustment, tune-up, operation, inspecting, diagnostic & troubleshooting…) is divided into different sections. Each section covers a specific component or system with detailed illustrations. A table of contents is placed at the beginning of each section. Pages are easily found by category, and each page is expandable for great detail. The printer-ready PDF documents work like a charm on all kinds of devices.

CEAM004401 - Wheel Loader WA700-3L avance plus Operation & Maintenance Manual.pdf
CEBM004402 - Wheel Loader WA700-3L avance plus Shop Manual.pdf
SEAM011500 - Wheel Loader WA700-1 Operation & Maintenance Manual.pdf
SEAM018500 - Wheel Loader WA700-3 Operation & Maintenance Manual.pdf
SEAM018501 - Wheel Loader WA700-3 avance plus Operation & Maintenance Manual.pdf
SEAWD01500 - Wheel Loader WA700-3 Field Assembly Instruction.pdf
SEBM009501 - Wheel Loader WA700-1 Shop Manual.pdf
SEBM013312 - Wheel Loader WA700-3 avance Shop Manual.pdf
SEBM032802 - Wheel Loader WA700-3 (KA Spec.) Shop Manual.pdf
SEBM04270104 - Wheel Loader WA700-1 Shop Manual.pdf
TEN00001-03 - Wheel Loader GALEO WA700-3 Operation & Maintenance Manual.pdf
TEN00066-02 - Wheel Loader GALEO WA700-3 Operation & Maintenance Manual.pdf

Conditions for measurement
1) Start the engine and then start the machine.
2) Place the speed control lever in the highest speed range and drive the machine.
3) When the machine is traveling at 20 km/h, depress the left brake pedal with 38 kg. * Decide the run-up road and point to apply the brakes, then apply the brakes when the braking point is reached.
4) Measure the distance from the braking point to the point when the machine stops. * Carry out the test three times and take the average value.
* Stop the machine on level ground, lower the work equipment to the ground and put blocks under the wheels.
Measuring procedure
1. Remove bleeder screw (1 ), then install brake test kit A in bleeder screw mount.
2. Start the engine and bleed the air. * Two worker are need for this operation: one depress the brake pedal and the other bleeds the air from bleeder screw (2). * Check that there is no leakage on air pipings and brake pipings.
3. Rise air pressure to upper limit of green range.
4. Depress the brake pedal fully, insert several washers in portion a, hold the pedal in position, and stop the engine.
5. When gauge reading is 43 to 53 kg/cm2, leave for 5 minutes and check how much pressure drops.
6. After measuring, loosen bleeder screw to release pressure, then remove brake test kit A. * After completing operation, bleed air from brake circuit again.