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Ferrari 456GT(A), 456M 1992-2003 Factory Service & Shop Manual




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Complete workshop repair & service manual with electrical wiring diagrams for 1992-2003 Ferrari 456 GT/GTA, 456M. It's the same service manual used by dealers that guaranteed to be fully functional and intact without any missing page.

This service & repair manual (including maintenance, overhaul, disassembling & assembling, adjustment, tune-up, operation, inspecting, diagnostic & troubleshooting…) is divided into different sections. Each section covers a specific component or system with detailed illustrations. A table of contents is placed at the beginning of each section. Pages are easily found by category, and each page is expandable for great detail. The printer-ready PDF documents work like a charm on all kinds of devices.

1992–1997 (456)
1998–2003 (456M)


"456 GT_GTA Workshop Manual.pdf"
490 pages

"456M (Type F116M) Workshop Manual.pdf"
508 pages

"456M Spare Parts.pdf"
34 pages


Components of the system
- Oil reservoir
- Hydraulic pump.
- Hydraulic height regulator valve
- Pressure accumulators (right - left).
- Rear shock absorbers (right - left).
Oil reservoir
It 1s made of aluminum and has 2.5 liters capacity
The correct level is measured by a dip stick with minimax graduations
For the correct oil to use refer to the refill chart in section A.
Hydraulic pump
The pump is the twin chamber type:
- with radial piston for self-leveling for which 11 provides a maximum pressure of 200 bar.
- With vaned rotor for power steering for which 11 provides a maximum pressure of 100 bar.
Pump drive belt
The belt tension measured by a Staeger tensiometer is 108 this value must be obtained by loosening nut A and moving the belt tensioner B using a screwdriver.

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